The Manitou 100 VJR, In Stock Now!

Jun 14, 2023

The Manitou 100 VJR

A compact and versatile vertical mast lift designed to provide exceptional reach and manoeuvrability in confined spaces. Whether you’re working in construction, maintenance, or any industry that requires elevated access, this machine is built to deliver reliable performance and efficient operation.


The Manitou 100 VJR features a compact and lightweight design, making it easy to transport and manoeuvre through narrow aisles, doorways, and tight spaces. With a maximum working height of up to 9.85 meters and a horizontal outreach of 3.15 meters, this vertical mast lift offers impressive reach, allowing operators to access high areas with precision and ease.


Powered by a reliable electric motor, the 100 VJR operates silently and emits zero emissions, making it environmentally friendly and suitable for indoor use. Its compact dimensions and precise controls enable operators to navigate crowded areas, ensuring efficient and safe operation in a variety of environments.


The platform of the Manitou 100 VJR offers a spacious and secure working area. With a capacity of up to 200 kilograms, it provides ample space for operators and necessary tools or materials. The platform features non-slip flooring and guardrails, ensuring operator safety and preventing accidents during operation.

Easy To Use

The Manitou 100 VJR is equipped with intuitive controls, allowing for precise and smooth operation. The proportional joystick enables easy manoeuvring and positioning, ensuring operators have complete control over their work. The lift’s auto-levelling feature enhances stability and safety, providing a secure platform for working at height.


Safety is a top priority in the Manitou 100 VJR. It is equipped with safety features such as emergency lowering system, tilt sensor, and audible alarms to alert operators of any potential risks. The 100 VJR also includes an Anti-Crush system to protect your operators. The sturdy and stable base provides a secure foundation for operation, and the non-marking tires ensure optimal traction without leaving marks on sensitive surfaces.

In summary, the Manitou 100 VJR is a reliable and efficient vertical mast lift that combines compact design, impressive reach, and user-friendly features. Whether you’re performing maintenance tasks, installation work, or accessing elevated areas, this machine provides the versatility and performance needed to enhance productivity and safety. With its compact dimensions and advanced features, the Manitou 100 VJR is the perfect choice for professionals seeking a compact and agile lift for their elevated access needs.

Connected Machine
Our machines are connected to provide you with a set of relevant information to control and monitor your equipment in real time. Remotely accessible via a web portal or a mobile application, this information is used both for fleet management but also to help diagnose and monitor the maintenance of your connected equipment. Whatever your business sector, you can benefit from Manitou’s connected services by equipping your multi-brand equipment to facilitate the location and management of your assets in a single tool.

With Manitou Connected we are offering a two year or 2000 hour warranty (whichever comes first) to give you the ultimate peace of mind and confidence.

Manitou Main Dealer Ireland
Jim Macadam Equipment are a proud, award winning Manitou Main Dealer in Ireland and welcome all enquiries to our team whether they be for technical advice, sales advice, spare parts or service support.

We are centrally located at junction 10 off the M50 in Dublin which leaves us in prime position to rapidly respond to your needs wherever you are located in Ireland.

Our sales representatives are well known and knowledgeable industry professionals and are very responsive to your enquiries. You will find they have a vast knowledge in the heavy plant machinery sector we are dealing in and are available for any help you need to plan the right machine for your next job site.

For more information on all our Manitou products, technical advice market leading finance options just call our sales team.

Office: 01 4601530
Mobile: 087 8176282

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