Manitou MI D Series Forklifts

Mar 12, 2024

Manitou Forklift

Manitou MI 30 D and MI 25 D Forklifts: The Epitome of Efficiency and Safety

When it comes to material handling equipment, efficiency, reliability, and safety are paramount. Manitou, a renowned name in the industry, continues to uphold these standards with its MI 30 D and MI 25 D Forklifts. Let’s delve into what makes these machines stand out.

Powerful Performance

Equipped with a robust Kubota engine, the Manitou MI 30 D and MI 25 D Forklifts deliver consistent and powerful performance. Whether navigating through confined spaces or lifting heavy loads, these forklifts ensure smooth operation, enhancing productivity in diverse work environments.

Precision Handling

Maneuverability is key in material handling operations, and Manitou understands this well. With the Hydraulic Kit 3 Element for Freelift Triplex Mast and the Freelift Triplex Mast (4700mm), these forklifts offer exceptional lift height and precise control. Operators can effortlessly position loads with the integrated side shift carriage, optimizing workflow efficiency.

Safety First

In any workplace, safety is non-negotiable. Manitou prioritizes operator safety with features like the Operator Presence System and audio warning in reverse. These technologies not only protect the operator but also prevent accidents, ensuring a secure working environment for everyone.

Enhanced Ergonomics

Comfortable operators are productive operators. The Manitou MI 30 D and MI 25 D Forklifts are designed with operator comfort in mind. With ergonomic controls and a spacious cabin, operators can work for extended periods without fatigue, maintaining peak performance throughout the day.

Load Protection

The inclusion of a load backrest adds an extra layer of protection, preventing loads from shifting during transport. This feature not only safeguards the integrity of the cargo but also minimizes the risk of accidents, promoting operational efficiency and peace of mind.

In summary, the Manitou MI 30 D and MI 25 D Forklifts embody excellence in material handling equipment. With their powerful performance, precision handling, and advanced safety features, these forklifts are indispensable assets in a wide range of industries. Whether it’s lifting heavy loads or navigating tight spaces, Manitou delivers reliability and efficiency with every lift.

Manitou finance Options

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Our sales representatives are well known and knowledgeable industry professionals and are very responsive to your enquiries. You will find they have a vast knowledge in the heavy plant machinery we are dealing in. They are available for any help you need to plan the right machine for your next job site.

Our servicing and repair engineers are highly trained and equipped with state of the art diagnostic equipment to ensure your Manitou is kept up to date and in top condition.

Jim Macadam Equipment are a multiple award winning proud Manitou dealer for Ireland and welcome all enquiries to our team whether they be for technical advice, sales advice, spare parts or service support. We are centrally located at junction 10 off the M50 in Dublin which leaves us in prime position to rapidly respond to your needs wherever you are located in Ireland

For all our Manitou products we can offer you best in market finance options so just call us for a quote.

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