Manitou Genuine Spare Parts

Aug 31, 2021

Manitou Genuine Spare Parts

Filters, Maintenance and Oils.

The maintenance of a machine and the quality of the filters and oils are essential for its proper functioning, reliability, longevity and your daily safety.
Comply with the manufacturer’s recommendations by performing periodic maintenance intervals every 500 and 1000 hours (refer to the maintenance logbook). Use recommended Manitou Genuine Spare Parts such as Manitou original filters to ensure optimal quality and performance. Filters have a crucial role for the machine as they guarantee the proper functioning of the entire system, its cleanliness, and protects it from premature wear and tear. Don’t make false savings, trust Manitou Genuine Spare Parts expertise.
Each Manitou genuine part performs a specific role to help protect your investment.
The hydraulic filter guarantees your productivity, the air filter guarantees the good performance of your engine. The fuel filter collects and prevents water from reaching the distribution circuit, the oil filter ensures the good performance of your engine by protecting it from premature wear and tear, and by preventing the occurrence of deposits harmful to your circuit. It is therefore essential to make the right choice.

With Manitou’s genuine filters and oils you are assured of providing the maximum level of performance and protection for your machine.

Engine Parts

As the engine is one of the most important components on your Manitou it’s necessary nowadays to use Manitou genuine parts to ensure you longevity and performance. Genuine Manitou has selected parts in accordance with engine manufacturers’ standards to guarantee you safety and high-quality solutions. All our parts are tested, certified and guaranteed for your machine.

Manitou Filters

Axle Parts

Specially designed for your machine, with very precise specifications, using genuine Manitou axle spare parts ensures the optimal safety and performance for your machine. All genuine axle components are approved by Manitou to ensure maximum durability, safety and optimal quality.
At Jim Macadam Equipment you will find we have a large range of axle and steering components in stock including seals and seal kits bearings, braking parts, differentials and oils.

Electrical Parts

In search of productivity, comfort and ease of operation, today’s machines are filled with electrical components.
Manitou genuine electrical and starting parts are selected with the greatest rigour to guarantee longevity and perfect conformity with the design of the machines. Choosing the Manitou original part means choosing the quality and performance of spare parts which are technically correct for your Manitou telescopic loader.
In our stock you will find all the electrical parts and components offered by Manitou: alternators, starters, bulbs, alarms, batteries, connectors, fuses, etc.
We provide you with all the electrical products necessary for the proper maintenance of machines.

Cab Parts

Manitou machines are in heavy use in all weathers. Maintaining perfect visibility and safety from the cab is essential. At Jim Macadam we stock all the original Cab spare parts for your Manitou machine including windshield wipers and arms, original mirrors of specific dimensions, Beacons, Lights and a full range of switches, load charts and equipment specifically designed for your machine to ensure optimal driving comfort and real driving safety.

Hydraulic Parts

Manitou spare parts are specially designed for our hydraulic circuits. By ordering them, you can be sure that the parts are manufactured in perfect conformity with the original standards for the needs and safety of Manitou machines.
Hydraulic parts have very important role for your machine and therefore for your business. Simple to complex hoses, quick, couplers and connectors to high pressure hydraulic cylinders and seals, at Jim Macadam Equipment you will find all our ranges certified as original, tested by the manufacturer and selected for their reliability and the high quality of their components.
Manitou hydraulic components are selected to guarantee better resistance to shocks, friction and external aggressions. The precision of the machining, the quality of the steel and the design itself ensure a very good working pressure resistance of the connectors, and a maximum sealing for your complete safety.
Frame and Body Parts
Manitou guarantees the safety and quality of this key components. They are manufactured with high standards and great care by Manitou.
The bodywork and panels, beyond its aesthetic role, is the protection of all the elements inside the machine. These panels are also essential for the safe operation of your machine whether it is an Aerial Work Platform, Telescopic Loader, Rotational Telescopic Loader or Forklift. Manitou bodies, specifically designed with innovative and quality materials, are designed to withstand the harsh working conditions and environment of the Irish construction site.

Mast and Boom Parts

Chose original Mast and Boom parts from your telescopic loader.
The structure plan, stress calculations and lifting capacities are specific to each machine to guarantee you a performance adapted and optimal to your activity. During the life of your machine, the mast, boom and arm will be subjected to repetitive actions under various operating conditions. Manitou guarantees maximum reliability, safety and productivity by applying very high norms and standards.

Manitou Stores

Jim Macadam Equipment, Main Manitou Dealer.

Jim Macadam Equipment are the main dealer in Ireland for genuine Manitou machines and spare parts.
With over thirty years of experience Jim Macadam Equipment have the expertise and know how to ensure Manitou genuine spare parts are always stocked in large quantities. Our expert staff make the job of identifying your spare parts needs easily and expertly. Our spare parts and service specialists offer in-depth advice during the purchase process and ensure that your order is processed smoothly and quickly and provide a one stop shop for all your Manitou spare parts requirements.

We are centrally located just off the M50 which makes for earlier delivery of spare parts from our couriers which enables us to provide fast and efficient country wide delivery we’ll deliver the desired genuine part to you immediately and reliably anywhere in Ireland.

Contact our spare parts team today:

Office: 01 4601530 (Dial 3 for spare parts department)

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