Manitou Attachments: Expanding Your Manitou Machine’s Potential

Apr 9, 2024

When it comes to maximizing the efficiency and versatility of your Manitou machines, having the right attachments can make all the difference. We at Jim Macadam Equipment understand this necessity and offer an extensive range of Manitou Attachments designed to enhance the functionality of your equipment across various sectors. From construction to agriculture and industrial applications, Jim Macadam Equipment provides top-notch genuine attachments tailored to meet the diverse needs of their customers.


One of the standout offerings in Macadam Equipment’s range of Manitou Attachments is their selection of winches. Ranging from 2 tons to an impressive 7.2 tons, these winches are engineered to handle heavy lifting tasks with ease. Whether you’re working on a construction site, in agriculture, or in an industrial setting, these winches provide the pulling power needed to get the job done efficiently and safely.


For tasks requiring extended reach and precise positioning, Jim Macadam Equipment offers a range of jibs compatible with Manitou machines. With capacities ranging from 2 tons to 6 tons, these jibs enable operators to tackle a variety of lifting applications with confidence. Whether it’s maneuvering materials on a construction site or loading/unloading goods in an industrial facility, these jibs provide the flexibility and strength needed to streamline operations.


No matter the material handling task at hand, Macadam Equipment has you covered with their range of buckets for Manitou machines. Designed for durability and efficiency, these buckets are built to withstand the rigors of demanding environments. From moving earth and aggregates on construction sites to handling bulk materials in agricultural settings, these buckets are indispensable tools for maximizing productivity.

Frame Lifting Hooks:

When it comes to lifting heavy loads securely, we offers frame lifting hooks designed to deliver reliability and performance. With capacities ranging from 4 tons to 6 tons, these lifting hooks are suitable for a wide range of applications across various industries. Whether you’re lifting structural components on a construction site or handling heavy machinery in an industrial facility, these hooks provide the strength and stability needed to ensure safe and efficient lifting operations.

Bucket Mounted Brushes:

In environments where cleanliness is paramount, Macadam Equipment offers bucket mounted brushes designed to keep surfaces clear of debris. Let sweeping up construction sites, tidying up agricultural facilities, or maintaining cleanliness in industrial settings be a breeze. These brushes are invaluable tools for keeping work areas safe and organized.

Bucket Brush

Suitability Across Manitou Machine Series:

A key advantages of Jim Macadam Equipment’s range of Manitou Attachments is their machine compatibility. These include the MT, MRT, ULM, and MLT series. This versatility ensures that regardless of the specific Manitou machine you operate, there are attachments available to enhance its capabilities.

Our Manitou Attachments offers a comprehensive solution for enhancing the functionality and versatility of Manitou machines across all sectors. From winches and jibs to buckets and lifting hooks, these attachments are engineered to tackle a wide range of tasks. Jim Macadam Equipment provides customers with the tools they need to maximize productivity and efficiency in any environment.

Experience, Service and Support:

Our sales representatives are well known and knowledgeable industry professionals. You will find they have a vast knowledge in the heavy plant machinery we are dealing in. They are available for any help you need to plan the right machine for your next job site.

Our engineers are highly trained and equipped with diagnostic equipment to ensure your Manitou is in top condition.

At Jim Macadam Equipment, we are a multiple award winning proud Manitou dealer for Ireland. We welcome all enquiries to our team whether they be for technical advice, sales advice, spare parts or service support. We are centrally located at junction 10 off the M50 in Dublin. This leaves us in prime position to rapidly respond to your needs wherever you are located in Ireland

For all our Manitou products we can offer you best in market finance options so call us for a quote.

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