Effective Maintenance of your Manitou Telehandler

Dec 20, 2020

Effective Maintenance of your Manitou Telehandler

Effective Maintenance of your Manitou

The effective maintenance of a telehandler is an essential part of safe operation. As with all machines, a telehandler will wear, deteriorate and can suffer damage over time. The maintenance process, including checks and inspections, monitors, prevents and rectifies this deterioration. It is important that the personnel asked to carry out these tasks have the necessary machine-specific training, experience and competence in periodic maintenance. Telehandlers require the manufacturer’s preventative maintenance instructions to be strictly complied with, if safety is to be maintained in use. Checks and inspections should be carried out taking account of the frequency of use of the telehandler and the environmental conditions in which it works. If the operator is considered to be competent to carry out routine pre-use and weekly checks, they may be authorised to do so. Always carry out daily checks, including safety devices, before starting your shift.
Where to find information on the effective maintenance of your Manitou telehandler
As each Manitou Telescopic Loader or Manitou Rotational Telescopic loader is different so is the maintenance of each machine. The checks and inspections that are required on a daily and weekly basis are located in each machine operating manual.

Manitou make it easier

Manitou have centralised as many greasing and maintenance points as possible on their machines thus making it easier for the operator to inspect and grease the machine.
Most Manitou machines have a 500 hour service interval for oil, fuel and air filters with a 1000 hour hydraulic filter change interval, however the pre-fuel filter must be checked on a regular basis for water contamination and if needed drained.

Greasing the boom of your Manitou machine

During the life of your machine, the mast, boom and arm will be subjected to repetitive actions under various operating conditions. Manitou recommends that the boom be cleaned and greased daily to ensure that the sections slide freely inside one another. Also, the trims — or wear pads — should be cleaned and greased daily and inspected every 1,000 hours for possible replacement. The pads are engineered to handle the friction between the interacting boom sections and to eventually wear out. Worn-out pads loosen the smooth interaction among boom sections.

Key Manitou Maintenance products

The air filter

Manitou Air Filter

Guarantees good engine performance. Enables an efficient combustion cycle. A clogged air filter results in excessive fuel consumption (unbalanced air/diesel ratio) and a loss of power. There is a real risk of premature engine wear.
At full load, an engine can consume up to 500 m³ of air per hour depending on the severity of the conditions. Air filter inspection and replacement are therefore essential.

The hydraulic filter

Manitou Hydraulic Oil Filter for Effective Maintenance

Guarantees the machine’s productivity and protects the hydraulic pump. By offering a “High-Efficiency” hydraulic cartridge, Manitou develops its performance. This filter works over time and is subjected to great stress, filtering the volume of the oil tank 50 to 100 times an hour. Clogging of the filter significantly increases the risk of scratching the hydraulic pump and the system deteriorates considerably.
Poorly filtered pollution causes premature wear of your hydraulic pump and all of the components. Clogging = 20% productivity loss.

The oil filter

Manitou Oil Filter for Effective Maintenance

Prevents pollution and abnormal wear by retaining external (dust, sand, etc.) and internal (calamine, etc.) impurities. Our filtration specifications are very demanding with regard to the volumetric capacity, the size of the fine particles allowed through and the quality of the media, essential factors for guaranteeing the quality of a filter.
There are various models on the market. With Manitou filters, you are guaranteed optimum quality and performance. In particular, the bypass filter, which is specific to Manitou requirements, plays a vital role in filtration quality.

The fuel filter

Manitou Fuel Filter for Effective Maintenance

Designed to capture and prevent water from getting into the distribution circuit. It prevents jamming of the injection pump, which allows nothing else in other than the fuel. Water separation and retention of particles are essential for protecting the highly sensitive injectors.
With a filtration specification of up to 4 microns, Manitou filters ensure maximum protection of the injection circuit.

Machine and Boom Greasing

Along with your standard grease and greasing points Boom grease is recommended for use on telescopic and sliding boom apparatus, found on telehandlers, teleporters, portable cranes, and other materials handling equipment. Boom grease can be applied by hand by use of a brush and is a very important daily consideration as it ensures the safe and smooth operation of your telescopic loader. It is important to use the correct grease here and high quality Manitou boom grease is readily available from our spare parts department at your main dealer Jim Macadam Equipment.

Daily checks and Maintenance Records

Comprehensive daily checks and maintenance records are essential to the safe, efficient and economical operation of telehandler. They provide a complete history of the individual telehandler and make for a more efficient and safer loader by way of Maintenance of your Manitou Telehandler.

Jim Macadam Equipment your Main Manitou Dealer and Partner

We want to partner with the buyers of our telehandlers, not just sell them a machine, and help keep it operating properly for the full life cycle of the product. To that end, we offer a full two-year or 2,000 hour warranty on all Manitou Connected Machines.

Genuine Manitou Spare Parts

The use of genuine Manitou Parts and attachments is essential to the safe and smooth operation of your Manitou telescopic loader and you will find all you need whether it be oils, filters, grease or attachments in our spare parts stores at very competitive prices.

Our team at your Main Dealer Jim Macadam Equipment are also there to help and advise you in the maintenance of your telescopic loader so why not give them a call today.

Ph: 01 4601530

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