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Aug 2, 2023

The Case CX160E Tracked Excavator: Enhanced Precision and Productivity

The Case CX160E Tracked Excavator sets a new standard in the construction industry, offering enhanced precision, control, and versatility like never before. With the integration of the trademark CASE Intelligent Hydraulic System (CIHS) and new work modes, this excavator delivers smooth operation and high fuel efficiency, making it a top choice for construction professionals.

Enhanced Precision AND Control

The CASE Intelligent Hydraulic System (CIHS) of the CX160E is complemented by new work modes and adjustable hydraulic settings, ensuring smoother and more efficient operation than its predecessors. The new-concept work modes, including Super Power (SP), Power (P), Eco (E), and Lifting (L) modes, allow for precise customization according to specific tasks. Operators can choose the ideal mode that matches their requirements, maximizing productivity, or optimizing fuel economy based on the project’s demands.

Additionally, the ground-breaking Eco mode contributes to reducing fuel consumption by selectively controlling engine and pump movements. The hydraulic flow balance can also be customized to match the operator’s preferences, offering further control and efficiency.

Enhanced Versatility

The CX160E takes versatility to new heights with independent throttle position work modes, providing a precise match to the requirements of every task. The inclusion of the new E-Series allows operators to select the type of work tool and input customizable model numbers on the machine’s monitor, further enhancing the adaptability of the excavator.

Enhanced Efficiency

The E-Series excavators combine the proven energy-saving features of the D-Series with new work modes and hydraulic settings, resulting in unparalleled efficiency. The automatic energy management system, inherited from the D-Series, includes six key energy control functionalities, optimizing pump torque, boom economy, swing relief, spool stroke, auto idle, and idle shutdown. These features, combined with the new FPT engine and improved travel motor, contribute to top performance and high fuel economy.

Cleaner Power

In compliance with EU Stage V emission standards, the CX160E is equipped with FPT NEF engines featuring the innovative HI-eSCR2 solution. This environmentally friendly technology significantly reduces emissions through a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst and a maintenance-free SCR catalyst. The engines can also operate on B7 biodiesel and other paraffinic fuels like HVO, GTL, CTL, and BTL, making it a cleaner and more sustainable choice.

Enhanced Quality and Reliability

Built to last, the CX160E features a reinforced cab structure, upgraded upper carrier rollers, and improved boom durability. Tolerance updates in the boom and arm cylinder pins reduce clatter and play, while a new stop valve adjustment mechanism simplifies piping-valve connections. These enhancements ensure that the excavator delivers robust performance in traveling and offers increased reliability in demanding construction conditions.

Enhanced Comfort

The CX160E is designed to provide operators with ideal working conditions every day. The pressurized cab with improved sealing, ergonomic air-suspended high-back seat, and optimized control lever positions reduce operator fatigue during long hours of operation. The automatic air conditioning controls and enhanced storage capacity add to the overall comfort and convenience.

Safer Operation and Accessibility

Safety is a priority in the CX160E design. The reinforced cab structure is ROPS and FOPS compliant, with standard FOPS level 2 head protection. The new auto lever lock safety feature stops machine movement when the operator unintentionally unlocks the gate lock, enhancing on-site safety. Wide and robust steps, handrails, and non-slip plates ensure safe and easy access to the machine.

Superior Visibility

Outstanding visibility is a hallmark of the CX160E, with a glazed surface offering improved visibility on the right-hand side. A bigger monitor, rear and right-hand cameras, and upgraded cameras provide operators with enhanced visual feedback, promoting better situational awareness during operation.

Easy Maintenance

The CX160E offers a grounded and connected services solution, reducing maintenance costs and downtime. Extended service intervals for engine oil, fuel, oil filters, and AdBlue supply module filter ensure lower maintenance expenses. The Extended Maintenance System (EMS) bushings allow for extended greasing intervals, simplifying maintenance tasks. Additionally, the SCR-on-Filter auto-cleaning device requires no replacement or mechanical cleaning during its lifespan.

In conclusion, the Case CX160E Tracked Excavator is a game-changer in the construction industry, providing enhanced precision, versatility, and efficiency. With its focus on cleaner power, reliability, comfort, safety, visibility, and easy maintenance, this excavator stands out as a top choice for construction professionals seeking excellence in their projects.

The new Case CX160E is now available at our yard in Dublin.

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