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Whatever the job on the building site, rehandling materials (gravel, sand, earth) blocks etc.., the MANISCOPIC is the ideal machine with the  proven ability to conquer difficult ground conditions. Designed with the operator in mind to meet all these site requirements with the robustness and reliability that has created the Manitou legend.

• It has a fabricated monobloc frame. The size and the strength of the boom sections are designed to withstand the use of large diameter pipework permitting a high flow hydraulic circuit for faster and more responsive movements.

• For torque converter models. The front and rear axle assemblies receive the engine power through a 90° bevel gear system patented by Manitou, a gearbox and two transmission shafts.The MT line has permanent four-wheel drive.

• The hydraulically assisted brakes are gradual and powerful too, and work on both axles.

Cutting edge technology

The new Vista Series Perkins engine is transverse mounted (MANITOU PATENT), and offers even better performance and power. The 1104C-44 and 1104C-44T Turbo were specifically designed to meet the criteria of the  European directive on regulation of gas emissions. Using the new Vista combustion system, the engine has both reduced noise levels and lower fuel consumption.

The need for a torque converter transmission

So as to meet the need for versatility in the construction industry, the MT 732, 932 and 1030 S/ST are fitted with a torque converter transmission combined with a gearbox with 4 fully synchronized forward and reverse gears.


All-round vision : The side-mounted engine design, the plunging profile of the lockable bonnet, the tinted glass cab windows, the very low anchor point for the telescopic boom, the reduced rear  overhang and the on-board wings integral with the wheel for total efficiency at full lock together provide an outstanding field of vision... You have maximum visibility through 360°.

The cab has been redesigned to give you extra working space and total safety. It is mountedon silent blocks, as required under ROPS / FOPS and ANSI standards.A toolbox is placed just behind your seat.

All within hand’s reach

A safe load indicator with gradual markings, buzzer and warning light will tell you your reserve load capacity. It lets the user know at all times whether the truck is within the limits of the maximum allowable load. For additional safety, an automatic cutout facility is available as an optional extra.The structure of each model has been designed with a view to achieving perfect weight balance :

• lengthways, the machine gains balance from its small front and rear overhangs,

• sideways, the engine weight is offset on the other side of theboom by the weight of the cab and the 125 litre hydraulics tank.

• On your right, we have brought together all the controls-gearlever, joystick, steering mode and   wheel alignment indicator, heating and air conditioning.

• On your left, the hand brake. It is fitted with a safety catch and disconects the transmission.

• In front of you, the illuminated dashboard now includes a fuel gauge and a water temperature gauge. You have full vision of all information. On starting, all warning lightsand an audio warning device confirm that the machine is operating correctly.Naturally the steering column has full tilt and adjust modes.

Truly compact

A Maniscopic designed to be productive. In order to meet your requirements, we needed to provide a truly compact machine and that is what we have achieved. At a width of 2.26 m fitted with 24" tyres, the MT 7 - 10 m can go anywhere. Also, rear overhang is nearly completely  eliminated, making for an exceptionally tight turning radius.

Ideally designed to operate on busy and confined modern building sites and work places, these models give maximum productivity and efficiency.


Total ease of handling

The MT 7 to 10 m are fitted with four equal-size drive and steering wheels. A lever is used for easy steering mode selection :

• 4 steering wheels for tight turning in small spaces.

• crab steering for side-on approaches and awkward passages.

• 2 front steering wheels for high speed driving.

The axle assemblies are specially designed for rough-terrain handling machinery. They are enclosed and fitted with high reduction ratio  epicyclic reducers which multiply the wheel torque whilst reducing stress inside the axle assemblies, thereby ensuring longer life. The steering cylinders are protected when in the raised position. This means these machines offer superb traction and stability.

Super soft shift

Site handling work demands very short cycle times but with the greatest precision. For this, we have fitted a “Super Soft Shift” pressure modulation valve into our transmission which are fitted with torque converter. Resulting in a very smooth directional change.

Hydraulic circuit

Flexibility and precision are not incompatible with power. Which is why we have equipped our MTs with a hydraulic gear pump operating at 105 l/min at 260 bars. Whether it is power you need for your earthmoving site work or speed for bulk reclaiming jobs, unloading lorries or pallet distribution on your building site, you will be happy with the precise operation of the ergonomic control console.

Easier maintenance

Your MT needs to be operational for as much of the time as possible. This is why we have given you total access to the regular maintenance points-engine oil, air and fuel oil  filters, engine oil drain plug and filler caps, battery, etc, - all these items are immediately accessible when you open the engine cover with the help of the gas assisted strut. Access to the various greasing points (the main ones are grouped together) and to the hydraulic oil filter is also very easy.


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