Articulated Boom Access Platforms


These platforms have 3 articulated sections, the last being telescopic, designed to access the most restricted areas.

Two types of propulsion are available for outdoor and indoor use.

Thermal: Combining an excellent rough-terrain capability with quick lifting, the ATJ range offers working heights from 16 to 18 metres, depending on the model, with a maximum offset of 9.10 metres for the 160 ATJ and 10.60 metres for the 180 ATJ.

Electric: Ideal for industrial maintenance applications, the AETJ range comprises self-propelled platforms for working heights of 12, 15 or 17 metres.


Models in this range are:

• 160ATJ
• 180 ATJ
• 120AETJ C
• 120AETJ C 3D
• 120AETJ L
• 150AETJ L
• 150 AETJ C
• 170AET
• 200ATJ


The 120AETJ 3D demonstrating its access capability

The 120AETJ working on a boat


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